What is SlingFund?
SlingFund is the non-profit side of SlingFin. We are committed to supporting the cultures and environments that ground our business through both our business practices and direct contributions. We are in the process of forming a non-profit corporation.

What is SlingFin?
SlingFin is a new company in the Outdoor Industry founded by industry veterans Martin Zemitis and Timothy Baka.
“The outdoor industry has changed since the early days. Then, owners worked at the companies they founded and everyone involved was passionate about making the best products possible. We have seen many of the companies we once respected for delivering kick-ass gear devolve into less passionate and more finance-driven corporate fur balls. SlingFin’s design and production focus is straightforward — to develop and bring to market the best-designed, highest-quality outdoor products ever created. Our methodology is purely design and quality driven. No undue influence from marketing managers, “bean counters” or “suits.” Utilizing our innovative designs and the best materials available we design and build gear for professional guides and serious users. Period.”